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features overview

Feature-rich solutions, custom designed for you

All-in-one learning management system. Create, market,deliver, and upsell courses – all this & more on Miholearn.



Experience a secure centralized platform where you can collaborate, create projects, network, share files, and oversee and manage multiple projects, with Miholearn.


Cohort Based

With a wide range of product types to choose from, Miholearn offers complete flexibility when it comes to choosing the type of course according to your time bandwidth



Bring your own community under one roof, make it grow, and interact with your users with ease, all this and more in the very space where they get access to your products.



Frontier Chain development is officially underway. On March 31st we will unveil how we plan to accomplish FRONT’s most ambitious to date. Native staking, governance


White label solution

Miholearn lets you retain your brand identity while allowing you to use its own platform to grow. No forced promotion, no credits taken, just simple and complete ease of doing business.


Multiple product

Providing complete flexibility of letting creators & learners choose the type of course they’d like to offer/attend live, Miholearn allows creating content in different formats.