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White-Labelled Solution

Miholearn is a ‘White- Labelled Solution’ that you can use as your own platform. No more wasting your time, resources & money trying to build a learning platform from scratch.


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Great Companies are built on great Products.

- Elon Musk

Your Brand- Your Branding

Keep your identity & branding intact in every product. No need to credit Miholearn anywhere.

Personalized Course Pages

Use your aesthetic, logos, watermark and other branding on each course page/material.

No Tech Expertise Needed

A user friendly, simple & intuitive system lets you create everything without Technical knowledge.


What is a White Labelled Solution?

In simple terms, a White-labelled solution is a product or service that lets you retain your brand identity while allowing you to use its own platform to grow, without claiming any credit.

Retain your unique identity.

Your branding. Your logo. Your marketing material. No mention of Miholearn.

Boost your brand visibility.

Create a brand recall. Leverage products & expand your existing client base.

Focus on your competency.

Converge resources & effort on creating better products. Forget platform hopping.


How is Miholearn a White Labelled Solution?

With Miholearn, Creators and Students both get a one-stop-solution for all their needs. Creating, Selling, Delivering, Attending classes, Networking and much more, all under one roof.

Allows Creating

Web Page Development. Course creation & Delivery. Supports Multiple product types.

Enables Selling

Multiple payment gateways integrated. Easy plans & recurring payments.

Powers Community

Integrated messaging platforms and inbuilt chat service. SMS and email broadcast.


What are its Benefits?

A White-labelled solution is designed to offer endless benefits. Becoming a one stop shop for creating, delivering, promoting, selling & upselling is surely the biggest USP Miholearn has.

Retained Brand identity

Sell your product under your banner. No mention of Miholearn anywhere. Access all available features.

Saved Time and Money

No extra time & money spent on dedicated application development. No need for extra manpower.

Satisfied end customer

No more platform hopping. Integrated tools. Easy delivery. Smart learning & Smooth communication.