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Inbuilt Community

Are you too tired of using multiple Whatsapp groups, sending data on Telegram or connecting via Zoom or other such communication tool every hour only to wonder if a pro version of an app/service would make your life any easier? If this is something that really ruffles your feathers then you are at the right place!


Take a video tour of Miholearn’s community features

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All your learners at one place

Dedicated discussions, support based learning, interactive sessions, boosted lead generation.

Communicate Collaboratively

Constant connection via built-in & integrated tools. Better networking. More career opportunities.

Multiple Communication Channels

Keep engaging with your users through WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS, Email & inbuilt Chat service.


What is an Inbuilt-Community?

We all are a part of online communities with a common interest. Be it Facebook or LinkedIn or a subreddit. With Miholearn, you can be a part of one meant for learning purposes.


Questions to fellow students & faculty about things that might help you perform well.


About upcoming topics, covered content, new courses & have discussions with your peers.


Tips & changes that will make the course an overall improved experience for the students.


How does it work on Miholearn?

A community is not just another software that a brand can buy. Takes years of quality & trust to build a community. With Miholearn, you can bring your learners under one roof.

Engagement Activities

Interactive assignments, quizzes, competitions & more

Integrated Messaging Tools

Whatsapp, Telegram, SMS & Email broadcast Services

Inbuilt Chat System

One-to-one & group chat among students & Faculty


What are its Benefits?

Taking in-person communities of students online is where Miholearn shines. Facilitating high level knowledge sharing & engagement through integrated tools makes learning more efficient.


Whatsapp, Telegram or Inbuilt chat system, choose your preferred mode of communication.


No data sharing. No promotional messages. No unwanted spamming on multiple platforms.


Real time, quick and effortless communication. Easy messaging, networking and team building.