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Integrated Communication

The challenge for most digital creators is that no matter how cool their content or offering is, often if it’s not communicated well, & in the process it loses its essence. But hey! You don’t have to do that. Miholearn lets you communicate smoothly with your audience through their preferred channels. 


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Communication must be HOT. Honest, open & two-way.

- Dan Oswald

End-Point Communication

Send messages on the platform of each user’s choice. Keep communication streamlined.

Complete Data Security

With no user information out in the public space, no private data is accessible for anyone.

Common Messaging Tools

No need to install strange new apps. Keep communication on WhatsApp, Telegram, Email or SMS.


What is Integrated Communication?

In simple terms, Integrated communication consists of a series of actions, efforts, and strategies designed to communicate a product or an offering in a streamlined way.

Simple but not Basic

Design and keep your communication planned, targetted, regular, and engaging.

Your own Inner Circle

A private discussion forum for learners. Discuss progress, doubts & celebrate small wins.

CRM with less Effort

Automate key interactions. Strengthen ties with Better, Faster & Cheaper messaging.


How does it work?

Keeping your user base engaged & up to speed is extremely important. Miholearn offers a comprehensive structure of messaging services that solves this purpose

Multiple Messaging Tools

Message users easily on WhatsApp or Telegram directly through Miholearn’s platform.

Message Broadcast Service

Convey the same message immediately to small or large groups of your learning community.

End-Point Communication

Have conversations directly on the inbuilt chat. Send updates directly via both- email & SMS.


What are its benefits?

Miholearn’s communication system is designed keeping in mind the absolute comfort, security, peace and ease of communication for both creators & learners.

Direct Communication

Message your learners directly on the preferred channel without troubling them everywhere.

Complete Data Safety

No selling data to 3rd parties, no MLM spamming, no information in public to curb harassment.

No Platform Hopping

Use inbuilt chat system for those who don’t need whatsapp or Telegram conversations.