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Cohort-based Learning

Though old-as-time itself, this is the new age learning format for online programs which actually works & leads to positive results!  Emerging as the most competent learning model, Cohort-based learning is one of the most preferred learning formats today. 


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Synchronous Learning

Give your learners a proper educational institution’s environment. Scheduled lectures, Assignments, Deadlines, Discussions & more. Promote group learning.

Asynchronous Learning

No deadlines, access to lectures & materials anytime with convenience. Offer complete learning flexibility. Make learning self-paced, low pressure, and fun.

Hybrid Content Delivery

Choose to upload either or both- Live & Recorded Courses. Conduct webinars in real time & offer sellable downloads. Choose the number of your offerings.


What is Cohort-based Learning?

Cohort-based Learning is basically the traditional style of on-campus collaborative learning, where a group of individuals advance through educational programmes together.

Familiar Environment

Choice of courses. Teaching in batches. Assignments, Quizzes, Timelines & Certifications.

Disciplined Learning

Planned course levels. Established submission deadlines. Evaluation and Assessment.

Freedom for More

Pursue your passion. Register for multiple courses as per bandwidth. Be the master of all trades.


How does it work on Miholearn?

For creators & students alike, Cohort learning helps achieve a sense of community.  Powered by multiple tools, Miholearn’s synchronous learning makes remote-learning a fun activity.

Interactive Webinars

Seamless delivery via integrated video platforms like Zoom & Youtube. Better interaction.

Live + Recorded Courses

Timed entry & exits. Addressed academic requirements & queries. Multi-device support.

Active Communities

Discussion among peers. High knowledge transfer by interaction. Active & Passive Learning.


What are its Benefits?

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Collaborative Learning

Learning through interaction. Engagement via activities. Pushing yourself to keep up the pace.

Structured Curriculum

Take the regular style of learning online. Create modules, syllabus & deliver accordingly.

Networking & Support

Connect with faculty. Socialize with peers. Land common goals. Find job prospects.