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Both our plans offer you the flexibility to get multiple users onboard your Miholearn platform. No tricks, no limits- There are no extra hidden charges to accommodate additional users. Our pricing is not based on the number of people.


The five starrer plan lets you upload up to 30 GB of data/month across all formats. With the seven starrer plan, you can avail of 125 Gb/ month bandwidth to upload data across all formats. (Includes textual, video and audio content)


Users opting for the five starrer plan get to upload and offer courses to their audience. In comparison, users get to upload and offer courses, webinars, memberships and sellable downloads using the seven starrer plan.


The five starrer plan comes with Miholearn branding, whereas the seven starrer plan lets users enjoy white-label branding across their website, web and mobile application. The five starrer plans specifies a ‘powered by Miholearn’ branding on the platform.


The five starrer plan provides Zapier (along with its’ inbuilt integrations). The seven starrer plan provides Zoom integration for live lectures, Whatsapp and Telegram integrations for endpoint communication along with Zapier.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, you can avail of a 14 days free Miholearn trial without any credit card details. 

Sure! You can do so without worrying about any extra cancellation fees. 

No, you can start your free trial plan with all the features.

Quick as a fox! You can choose to upgrade, downgrade or switch from monthly to annual billing at any time.

Our 14-days free trial lets you take Miholearn out for a looonngg test-drive. Post that, you can choose to cancel your subscription from account settings. Reach out to us within 72 hours of your monthly (or annual) renewal or upgrade, and we’d be happy to refund the most recent payment.

Nope! Just your name and email-id for the 14-days free trial.

It’s only courses if you opt for the five starrer plan. With the seven starrer upgrade, you get to sell courses + webinars memberships downloads

You can go completely Whitelabel if you opt for the seven starrer plan. Whereas the five starrer plan comes with Miho Learn branding.

Bandwidth indicates the maximum data limit you can avail while uploading your offerings to the audience. The numbers for the same stand at 30 GB/Month for the five starrer plan and 125 Gb/month for the seven starrer plan. 

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