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Our Story

Miholearn is born from the belief quoted in Julius Ceaser’s words, “Experience is the teacher of all things”.

In 2020, during the most overwhelming time in history, our founders opted for several online courses to make sense of the new normal and use their time productively. 


While they indeed came out with a takeaway of a new skill set and an impressive knowledge base, a specific worry also followed them. 


The experience of exploring the arena of numerous online courses out there wasn’t really as easy as portrayed in the glorified commercials. Most times, phrases such as ‘a click away’ seemed like a myth.


Long hours in front of the screen, innumerable platforms, varied ways of content delivery, multiple tools for different features, altogether different apps for communication and more chaos was the recipe that resulted in a not-so-pleasant content consumption experience for our founders.


And that worry was the Eureka moment that gave rise to the idea of Miholearn and kickstarted our journey. 


The world is a brilliant place with endless opportunities. There are exceptional people out there, ready to extend their experiences and learnings to the other set of curious minds waiting to learn from them.


What’s the issue then?

Well, recall the game of Mario. You would’ve easily saved the princess, provided the path was a flower-laden one. But, alas! The path that connects educators worldwide to learners worldwide is laden with burning lava, grumpy turtles, and dragons throwing hindrances every other minute. 


In this context, they are named a little differently. ‘Technical chaos’, ‘Multiple platforms’, ‘Innumerable tools’, ‘Hidden costs’ and ‘Limited features’ are some of those culprits to blame. 


But at Miholearn, because we are in awe of the educators and learners across the globe, we decided to be your knight in shining armour. 

So, we went out on a hunt for all the hindrances and put them all in our basket. 


For you, we saved that seamlessly streamlined flower-laden path that connects educators and learners across the globe, facilitating excellent content delivery and content consumption. 


The construction of this path commenced on 21st August 2020 when we first set foot on implementing this idea into reality, wanting to skyrocket the idea of Miholearn.


But, a revolutionary path like this requires the best workers to put on their caps and work towards the goal. We couldn’t be more grateful to the people we today collectively address as ‘The Miholearn Team’. In the true sense, each of the members empowers our ideology of ‘MAKING IT HAPPEN.


Our big boost came when the Government of Gujarat placed their belief on us and helped us out with a generous grant of Rs. 2 lakhs. 


The picture you see here indicates the miracles that can happen when a group of like-minded people comes together to work on something they genuinely believe in. 


With Miholearn, we have developed the best-in-class features that cater to the most genuine need of every user. We believe that the best things become even better when given and acquired in the best way.


That is where our platform comes in, facilitating the best way for content delivery to educators and content consumption to learners. 


We thank all our investors, partners, customers, and the team for helping us build this story that will hopefully, one day, influence multiple lives. 


Along with the entire team, our founders promise to keep delivering the best values and happiness to our stakeholders. 


Also, we are all ears for when you want to do the talking. Reach out to us at [email protected]


Remember, take a leap of faith and do something you have always wanted to. Because, after all, “Experience is the teacher of all things.”