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Why is Miholearn a Better Choice Than Academy LMS?

We let you focus on what you are best at. Don’t get entangled in the chaos of tech. Leave that on us.

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Starts at $39

Academy LMS

Starts at $550

Custom Web-Application
Technical – Understanding Needed
End-Point Communication
Live & Recorded Lectures
Custom Mobile Application*
Community Discussions
Transaction Fees
Video Hosting
Sell Memberships
Sell Downloads
Live Chat Support

*Coming Soon

Ditch The Tech- Headache

You bring your expertise and we bring ours! 

Taking The Tech Away

When you host your digital knowledge business on Miholearn, you can leave tech worries to us. We build the most powerful platform with power-packed features to help your business excel. 

Community Discussions

Unlike Academy LMS, Miholearn lets you expand your network and build a community. A host of features allow you to stay connected with your audience. Send regular updates and facilitate enriching discussions for your community with Miholearn. 

Live Chat Support

Miholearn values customer satisfaction and believes in instant gratification. With Miholearn’s Live Chat Support feature, your customer service strategy flourishes a thousand steps higher on the ladder.

Sell Downloads

Simply enjoy the ability to provide more! Leave your customers with a takeaway. Miholearn lets you provide an enriching experience with the option to facilitate sellable downloads.

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