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Build Your
Business Online!

Miholearn empowers knowledge providers by enabling them to kickstart their digital business beyond the brick and mortar boundaries!
At Miholearn, we strive to facilitate the best learning experience and make it happen online!
Our diverse team comes together each day with a vision to empower knowledge providers to establish their digital business.
We provide a power-packed solution that comprises all that you need to stand out in the crowd and excel beyond the boundaries.

We cater to quality assurance, legal compliance and data security.


We believe that knowledge sharing must know no bounds.


With a host of features, we empower users with endless possibilities.

Meet the team

A team of passionate, dedicated people, making it all happen online!

Jimish Parekh

CTO & Co-Founder

Ahmedabad, India

Perfect for the tech at Miholearn, Jimish is a full-stack engineer, front-end Jedi and backend geek. 7+ years of experience in product development and management equip him with the ability to make the right tech decisions for our product to be robust and flexible.

Hanuj Tilwani

CEO & Co-Founder

Ahmedabad, India

Over four years of experience in the Education and Tech industries make Hanuj an expert in both these industries, enabling him to drive growth, partnerships, and overall strategy at Miholearn. A passion for marketing and past entrepreneurship experience adds to his capabilities.

Harsh Shah

Lead: Front-End

Ahmedabad, India

Having worked with more than four product-based startups, Harsh defines excellence as a full-stack DevOps engineer. His expertise and experience in the field have also enabled him to work as a consultant for several startups.

Prakash Panchal

Lead: UI/UX

Ahmedabad, India

A lover of all things creative! Prakash possesses extensive experience of over five years in the UI/UX Design industry. His zeal to do something new every day leads to the excellent design solutions he formulates at Miholearn, making our product flexible and user friendly.

Aasim Malik

Senior Front-End Engineer

Ahmedabad, India

Aasim brings an undying spirit and immense know-how of the field to the table at Miholearn. Well versed with the technical skills, tools and technologies, Aasim helps us stay updated and relevant for our customers. Linking together the world of design and tech, he delivers uncompromised utility.

Mansi Thakkar

Front-End Engineer

Ahmedabad, India

Mansi spends her time exploring the world of coding and programming. An extensive experience of 3 years makes Mansi have a front foot forward when it comes to learning about new technologies. At Miholearn, she optimises our platform with a balance of design and functionality.

Badrik Patel

Intern: Backend Development

Ahmedabad, India

Building and maintaining the technological requirements, Badrik knows the servers best! At Miholearn, he ensures effective sync between the database and the browser. Badrik’s proficiency in Back-end languages and skills make him just the right go-to person for our technical needs at Miholearn.
go digital
Go Digital

Establish your business’s digital presence with Miholearn’s feature that enables you to create a White Label Website and Mobile Application. Host your online courses, memberships, webinars and more offerings with access to power-packed features.

Build a Community​
Build A Community
Utilise your Marketplace on Miholearn to sell your offerings. Build a community of your target audience and expand new upselling possibilities for your digital knowledge business. Stay connected with your community to build a long term relationship.

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